Budget/Timeline Response 1

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Budget/Timeline Response 1 Empty Budget/Timeline Response 1

Post  sylviag on Thu Sep 18, 2008 10:49 pm

Great job ladies!
There are some things that need to be revised, so please make these changes (and any other you feel are necessary) and send it to me:

1) For Emily's catering lady:
Don't rely on her for a whole meal. She can't do it because she does it ALL herself.
Maybe just getting eggrolls and a salad or something and then pairing it up with something else (like Sam Woo, perhaps?).
2) Pizza: get 2 with no cheese because there might be more chris rams'.

1) Spend this year/quarter searching for more options, opportunities, and deals.
Find who is willing to donate and find out solid cost numbers.
2) Start finalizing things in January.
3) Please revise the timeline to be more specific following those new guidelines.

THANKS AGAIN! and keep up the great work!!

Deadline for revised: Wed., Sept 24


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