Budget/Timeline Response 1

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Budget/Timeline Response 1

Post  sylviag on Thu Sep 18, 2008 10:55 pm

Hey boys!
Sorry to say, you got lazy and you need to now pay for it by redoing it all! Bwahaha.
Ok here are some more guidelines to help you out:

1) Basically what I told you Chris. Just list everything out (this costs this much).
2) List everything too, thanks!

1) Include a deadline for finding out who in Jodaiko (current) can house people and how many people they can fit.
You can do this by asking at practice or emailing everyone. I recommend asking at practice. This is pretty easy so get this done in a week or a week and a half or so. Smile
2) Include deadline for figuring out transportation for workshop leaderes (between airport/hotel/school/everywhere).
3) Include deadline for figuring out transportation (how to get people to and from houses and school and how to organize getting people to and from). efficiently as possible with no unnecessary driving.
4) Include a deadline for figuring out what to do with people's cars and where they can leave them.

Deadline to send the revised version: Wed., Sept 24

Thanks and keep working hard, boys!!


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