Budget/Timeline Response 1

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Budget/Timeline Response 1

Post  sylviag on Thu Sep 18, 2008 10:44 pm

Hey boys!
Thanks for the first draft of the budget and timeline, and sorry about the email mixup!
There are some things that need to be revised, so please look this over and send me a revised copy:

1) Please make the budget in a list form so we know how much what would cost.
2) Please include the cost for transporting equipment (between workshops perhaps and between storage and the concert venue). This could possibly include cost for golf carts, cars/gas, etc.
3) Include the cost of tape to mark each school's equipment
4) Include the cost of materials to make signs to help organize schools equipment in storage area (IF needed).

1) Include when to ask schools for their equipment list.
2) Include deadline to receive final equipment list from schools (who is bringing what and for far away schools, who needs to borrow what equipment -- also, deadline for asking schools to borrow equipment)
3) Include a date we should have storage booked
4) Include when logistics should be figured out by (movement plan between workshops and concert)
5) Include date when equipment should be assigned to workshops.

The deadline for the revised version is: Wed., Sept 24.

Thank you and continue to work hard!


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