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Post  sylviag on Sun Feb 01, 2009 5:32 am

We are putting together a more finalized budget for multiple reasons, the most important being we are applying for funding from the school.

I need to know the following by TUESDAY, FEB 3 by 10PM (end of practice).

Please do it to the best of your ability and be as specific as possible! If there are any questions, please call me!!

1) Programs
- By whom (business who's making them)
- Cost PER program
- Total Cost
- if you dont know, possibly ask Kasey or Doug (CN ones)

2) Newspaper Ads
- in the New University
- Half page 1 month before ($130)
- Full page week of ($200)
- Total: $330
- (I did this one for you, obviously... haha)

3) Price of the Pacific Ballroom for Concert
- $252/day for setup (Total, $504)
- does this include room setup/clearing + stage fees?
- how much does the AV tech cost (and is it for the whole concert?)
- do we have to pay for an event manager? (how much?)
- 2 Food Tables (do we have to pay?)
- 1 Registration Table (do we have to pay?)
- Video Feed (how much total?)
- Directional Signs (how much?)
- Parking Signs (necessary?, how much?)
- Parking Kiosk (how much?)
- Lighting/Drapes (how much or is it included in the setup?)
- Mics (included in set up or separate?)
- PA system (included in setup or separate?)


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