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Post  sylviag on Sun Feb 01, 2009 5:26 am

We are putting together a more finalized budget for multiple reasons, the most important being we are applying for funding from the school.

I need to know the following by TUESDAY, FEB 3 by 10PM (end of practice).

Please do it to the best of your ability and be as specific as possible! If there are any questions, please call me!!

1) Workshop Leader Costs
- How much EACH leader/group costs total (including transportation + fees)
- If you don't know as of this second, make some good guesses please!

2) Workshop Facilities Fees
- Opening Student Center Early
- $200/hr (1 hr Sat, 3 hr Sun) = $800 Total
- (i did this for you obviously so you dont need to do this haha)

3) Workshop Rooms
- We need to know which 11 rooms we will be using
- Do we need to pay to have them cleared? or opened? (student center rooms, ccc?)
- If so, $ _____ per room for clearing/prep
- Total for clearing/opening these rooms (if applicable)


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