Two Meetings Notes + Some New Stuff

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Two Meetings Notes + Some New Stuff

Post  sylviag on Thu Jan 22, 2009 1:42 am

From the Meeting:
- Waiting on # of people from each group
- Taikoproject = 8
- Kodo = 2
- Russel + Jeanne = 2
- Russel + Jeanne want us to compensate for gas or fly $ (is this included in their payment?)
- Find exact prices for each group

- First workshop will not be in the student center
- move equipment during lunch!
- 30 min of spiking PER group
- do lunch in 2 waves (spiking in 2 groups)
- no master classes Saturday (only sunday)
- Optional Workshops
- History of Taiko (Kinnara)
- Fue (? -- Kenny Endo can't do it cuz he's doing master classes)
- Bachi/Drum Care Workshop [idea from equipment committee]
- Master Classes
- Russel + Jeanne
- Roy + PJ if they are coming
- Kenny Endo
- Michelle Fuji (backup if San Jose isn't doing it)

New Stuff:
- Hound the leaders down and find exact prices for each workshop leader/group and whether or not we pay for their way here.
- Need an equipment list for each workshop (# of drums, type of drums)
- Sandpaper at every workshop station [idea from equipment]
- Assign Jodaiko people to workshop groups!
- Don't count me!


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