1/08/09 Meeting Notes + Some New Stuff

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1/08/09 Meeting Notes + Some New Stuff

Post  sylviag on Thu Jan 22, 2009 1:27 am

From the Meeting:
- We need to print out flyers by the end of the month.
- "T is for Taiko" shirt options
- Midnight Blue w/tan text
- Hot pink w/black txt
- Charcoal grey w/white txt
- Nametag + Info/Welcome Packets
- To make it easier, make groups colors!
- either print nametags onto color paper OR use different colored lanyards (i like this idea)
- Find out # of groups from workshops
- Tshirt sizes are on the registration forms (order Invitational shirts when we get those in -- Feb 20, by march 15)
- Add in housing rules/etiquette into Info/Welcome Packets

New Stuff:
- We should vote for tshirt/flyer designs on Tues, 26th.
- "T is for Taiko" = charcoal grey + 2 text colors
- should be printed by the end of the month!
- I asked Patrick (from art class) for these 2 places to get shirts made from (and they DO print on american apparel!) and he asked what color shirts and how many colors on the design so he'll get back to me with prices! I'll let you know as soon as I find out.
- There will be ELEVEN (11) workshop groups
- See the general information thread + workshops thread for more info on # of people per school as well as # of people per school to be in each group
- Add drum/bachi care sheet into Info/Welcome Packets [from equipment]


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