1/09/09 Meeting Notes + Some New Stuff

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1/09/09 Meeting Notes + Some New Stuff

Post  sylviag on Thu Jan 22, 2009 1:16 am

From the Meeting:
- Try to figure out storage of equipment
- add bachi/drum care sheet into the Welcome Packet [registration]
- sand paper + bachi care optional workshops? [workshops] (sandpaper at all workshop stations)
- find out prices of carts/dolly from school
- grid system/quadrants for performance [concert]
- possible fee for extreme mishandling of other schools' equipment

New Stuff:
- Equipment List from schools due Feb 20 (March 15 = late reg)
- equipment that each school is bringing
- equipment each school is using for each song in the concert
- equipment that will need to be borrowed
- Equipment list from workshops committee (what workshops will need what equipment) will be coming soon hopefully.
- Figure out storage!!
- look @ times of student center (general info thread) + times of workshops (workshops thread) because workshops start before student center opens (we can do workshops somewhere out of the student center -- but we need to make sure THAT equipment for the first workshop is NOT in there)


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