Updates and let's plan another meeting

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Updates and let's plan another meeting

Post  sylviag on Thu Jan 15, 2009 2:50 am

Hey you guys! Let plan another meeting after practice on FRIDAY the 23rd!

1) How are press packets to local places going? Please update me with who you have sent them out to and if you have received any responses by the 23rd Smile

2) I emailed Megan reminding her to email us about how much we have saved and how much more we need to fundraise.

3) By the 23rd let's have specific dates for when we want to have restaurant nights and spam sales on campus! We should book them as soon as possible so we can tell and prepare Jodaiko members for this crazy quarter.

4) How's the Stussy sale thing going? I asked my friend for contact info, but she said she really has no idea.

5) We need to get on planning the date and such for the mini-concert (what we are selling, etc).

6) Also need to plan when we want to have the dodgeball tournament and the curry night.

7) Keith brought up the idea of possibly selling bachi bags (like what they gave out at retreat). It might be a pain to sew them all but it's just an idea!



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