Updates Nov Week 4

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Updates Nov Week 4

Post  sylviag on Thu Nov 27, 2008 3:41 am

1) I already talked about the Insider Pages fundraiser. Here is the link:
That fundraiser begins Dec 15th. I will make a facebook event when it gets closer. Smile

2) Please send press packets to JACL, JACC, etc. as soon as possible. Also send press packets to Okinawa Association of America (I guess ask Michelle for more info if you need it) and also press packets or more personal letters fo prominent JAs (Kristi Yamaguchi, Mike Shinoda, etc.).

3) Over break, please start planning some fundraisers for winter quarter. I would like to see some ideas ready for action once we get back.

4) Ideas people gave @ the meeting: Carwash tickets, Cup-a-Noodle + Hot Chocolate sales

5) If you didnt, check your email. I attached a new fundraising description for the newbies which also contains information for everyone (more specific tasks and such). so please look at that too!


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