Fundraising Timeline Response 1

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Fundraising Timeline Response 1

Post  sylviag on Wed Sep 10, 2008 1:09 am

Hey! After reviewing with the Directors, these are changes that need to be made to the timeline you submitted.

1) We need SPECIFIC weeks when we would sell spam musubi (don't just say it'll be spread through the quarter).
2) The press packet is not mentioned in it (when to have dvd done -- should be this fri, when to put together packets, when to send it out, when to receive feedback from companies -- give them deadlines or they might not respond)
3) We need the timeline to be more specific with more specific fundraisers
4) Date for when to ask other groups for help (date to send out emails to other groups requesting fundraising help, dates to do joint fundraisers, etc.)
5) Put in Taiko Dinner (probably in January) where we charge groups, family, and friends for a dinner
6) Just overall, go more in detail.
7) For carwash, specify location (gas station? do they charge?)
Cool Other things besides musubi that will make as much money (not a money waster)
9) We need the cost of each fundraiser and the projected profit of each fundraiser
10) Don't forget that in February is SPEEDWAY!

DEADLINE FOR REVISED TIMELINE: FRIDAY, SEPT 12! (directors need it before the ITC meeting that weekend).



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