Timeline + Workshop Ideas Response 1

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Timeline + Workshop Ideas Response 1

Post  sylviag on Wed Sep 10, 2008 1:02 am

The directors and myself have looked over and discussed what you submitted.

Great job putting together the timeline! We just need some changes.
1) We will need the confirmation from the workshop leaders earlier (January/Early Feb).
2) Need to finish making the honorariums earlier (start a month before Invit)
3) Plan out when we should have Workshop locations worked out by (this will be with the directors and myself)
4) Plan a date when to figure out equipment transitions (w/help from equipment manager) between workshops
5) When we should have workshops at what locations worked out
6) When we should have transitions between workshops worked out.
7) Date to have letter to email workshop leaders due
Cool Date to have letter looked over by myself/directors.
(Those are some ideas.. there might be more. think about it!)

1) Are the prices on this actual prices or their reduced prices?
2) I think the contact information for San Jose Taiko is wrong?
3) We need possibly more options.
4) You need to figure out what workshops you want to do and assign workshop leaders to these workshops. the directors/myself will then look those over and okay them. THIS IS YOUR JOB!!
5) Kenny Endo's info should be on his website!
6) Figure out what to do during downtime (social things, intermediate things, specific time for hachimaki exchange maybe?)
7) MASTER CLASSES (how we are choosing who does it, who will do it, who will be leading, etc.)

Don't expect to be getting all information from us!
Feel free to ask groups what they want/don't want (you can post in the ITC forum even) -- but ultimately it's what you think would be best.

DEADLINE FOR REVISED TIMELINE/WORKSHOP IDEAS: FRIDAY, SEPT 12! (directors need it before the ITC meeting thats during the weekend)


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