Funds are coming in!

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Funds are coming in!

Post  sylviag on Sun Mar 01, 2009 3:26 am

Hey Fundraising Committe!

First off, I would like congratulate everyone on all their hard work so far! It's totally paying off!

Here are the amounts we have received from school funding:
Dean's Fund - $200 (FULL!!)
MPC - $400 (FULL!!)
ASUCI - $2,200 (YAY!)


For registration (not counting shirts), we made $10, 450.

We might let some other groups come as well, but they would pay more so we'd make more $ off them.

Also, Kasey, I was wondering about program ads. Do you have the forms? When do you think it would be best to send them to the other schools?


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